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The Brickyard is a masonry products distribution firm located in the Cleveland area. We concentrate on assisting the specifying architect, developer, contractor and building owners in selecting the proper masonry assembly unique to their individual project.

Because we are one of the largest brick distributors, we can offer you nearly 800 selections and we stock over 125 different types of brick and stone at all times that you can purchase through your local brick dealer.

Our staff of exterior designers can assist you in selecting the perfect combination of brick style, color and texture plus all the accessories to customize the exterior of your new home.

You want to see what your brick selection will look like on a home? No problem! In addition to our displays, we have a computer imaging system that displays your color selections. We can teach you to operate the system in less than 5 minutes. When you are done, you can have a color print of the exterior of your new home with a listing of your brick, roof, and trim color selections to take with you.

You see it on a panel, you see it on the computer, but you still want to see it on a house? No problem! We have a listing of over 5,000 brick homes in Northern Ohio. We can give you direction and a map on where to go to see your selection on a home.

We would like an opportunity to show you how enjoyable selecting the right brick or stone can be. Please vist our Brick and Stone Studio Showroom today!

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