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   I asked my bricklayer if he was going to clean my brick and he said he was going to clean it with a wire brush and Muratic Acid. Is this OK?
   No!!! The use of a wire brush on brick can permanently ruin the surface. On the pictures below the white sand coating was removed by a wire brush. Muratic Acid is never the correct product in our opinion for cleaning brick. It is a very strong, unstable and impure material that is very dangerous and hard to work with. Metal and acid do not mix. The closeup picture shows the rust staining from the brush and also acid burn.

   Clean the bricks with appropriate PROSOCO SURE KLEAN masonry cleaner. See Murbach's as to what cleaning product to use. This will remove the excess mortar.

Note: The type of cleaner selected is based on the type of brick to be cleaned.

Do Not Use Muratic Acid!

Always test the solution on a test panel. Use per manufacturer's recommendation.

   Murbach Building Supplies will recomend the cleaning product from PROSOCO SURE KLEAN product to solve your problem.

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